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Affordable custom photo retouching and photo restoration399Retouch LLC
Affordable Custom
Photo Retouching & Restoration

Photo Restoration

Example 1 - Restoring a Creased B&W Photo

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Many of our clients request our photo restoration service. Old photo restoration brings new life back to faded snapshots sitting in dusty envelopes and stuffed in shoe boxes. Wedding photo restoration, antique photo restoration, even newer snapshots that have suffered water damage, crayon and ballpoint pen markings, creases, color fading, even missing areas... we do photo fixing and restoration to correct all kinds of damage. Your pictures with stains, spots, cracks, faded and torn -- almost all can be saved quickly and economically.

Our clients often have us restore photos of their parents when mom and dad were young, then have them printed as birthday or anniversary gifts. On occasion we also prepare photos and collages for memorial services. 

Photo Restoration Example -- Restoring an Old Photo
Please move cursor over image to see Before and After of this faded portrait.
Photo Restoration

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