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Press Releases and Mentions

50 Year Old Woman Becomes 25
Thanks to Photoshop retouching,  her photo makes her look about half her real age. You can see the after and before photos  here.  Note: In the  linked article about retoucher Abbie Muntz, she mentions charging $300 per photograph.  That is way, way more than you will pay for comparable results at 399Retouch. Our retouchers have years of experience and are Photoshop wizards.

Genealogy Book Praises 399Retouch (December 2011)
A new client pointed out that we are very favorably mentioned in a new book, “The Official Unofficial Guide to Using Legacy Family Tree.”  The book includes a sample of our photo restoration. You can see more by visiting the link, then clicking on the Preview link.

Another Genealogy Blog Mention (June 15, 2010)
Kevin Walker titled his Who We Were, Are & Will Be Our Family blog entry "An Incredible  Photo Restoration" and showed his readers a before-and-after of one of his family photos.

Genealogy Blog Mention (May 28, 2010)
Geoff Rasmussen mentioned 399Retouch in his highly-respected Legacy News blog, showing a before-and-after example of photo restoration.

Press Release (January 13, 2010) photo retouching and photo restoration begins 5th year of service

Austin, Texas: January 13, 2010, marks the beginning of the fifth year of operation for photo retouching / photo restoration company In a year filled with bad news about world economies, the company's sales and profitability actually increased. Clients continue to express their satisfaction with the retouched and restored photographs that they receive.

Photo retouching continues as the mainstay of the company's business. Founder Miles Abernathy credited his staff of Photoshop (TM) retouchers and photo restoration experts for the firm's continued success. "These guys are pros. They have been using Photoshop(TM) for years, and they really can work miracles. We are extremely fortunate to have them on staff." he said.

Abernathy recounted some of their more memorable retouching projects of the last year -- weddings from around the world, photos for dating websites, staff portraits for company websites, vacation pictures and pictures for Facebook and LinkedIn. He said that acne removal and slimming / weight loss continue to be popular services.

Photo restoration became a larger part of the company's business during 2009. "Many clients emailed us scans of damaged old pictures of their parents and grandparents. The damage included scratches, creases, marks and holes. We fixed the damage and returned the digital images to the client, who then could have them printed locally quickly and economically."

399Retouch counts quite a few professional photographers among its clients. "These are excellent photographers, but they don't have the time or inclination to fix problems after a shoot. So they send the digital photos to us." He recounts one pro who photographed a wedding, then had her camera and memory cards stolen. Her assistant had taken a few photos with a second camera, and we were able to manipulate these to create the missing 'standard wedding shots' that her clients expected."

The company is on course for continued growth in 2010, maintaining its reputation as the #1 photo retouching and photo restoration company on the web. "So long as people continue to take photographs, we will be there to fix any imperfections. Our goal is always to help people look their very best."

Zoey, the company's 4-legged "Chief of Security," did not have much to contribute to this story except for an occasional bark.

You can contact at the website or by email to

Photo Restoration in the Wall St. Journal
(Nov. 5, 2009)
WSJ article about photo restoration companiesAn article comparing four photo restoration companies appeared in the November 5, 2009, issue of the Wall St. Journal. While 399Retouch was not one of those companies reviewed, we were pleased to see that our prices are lower and our photo-restoration quality and customer service better.  

You can read the full article at the WSJ website.

Press Release (November 14, 2007)
Retouching Company Announces New Low-Light Image Processing Capabilities

Photo retouching company announces its acquisition of new image-enhancement software. The new software will be used to pre-process photographs taken in low-light conditions, which will provide a better starting point for Photoshop(R) retouching and consequent better results. This additional processing will be provided at no additional cost to clients. performs cosmetic retouching of digital images, as well as restoration services for damaged photographs. Its clients include professional and amateur photographers, professional models, actors, authors and the general public. Individuals request retouching of photographs to be used for a variety of purposes, including holiday cards and submission to dating websites.

According to Miles Abernathy, the owner of the company, "We are pleased to extend our capability to enhance digital photographs that are underexposed and too dark. Often these photos have colored speckles which are very difficult to eliminate using standard retouching techniques. Our new software evaluates each underexposed image, determines the extent of this 'digital noise,' and generates a filter pattern to remove it. It's just amazing to watch it work."

With the approach of the winter holiday season, the company expects an influx of digital snapshots taken under low-lighting conditions. These may include night-time sing-alongs, caroling and Christmas eve and morning package-unwrapping. The older software was ill-equipped to deal with digital noise, so the new capability will be welcomed by the retouching staff and clients alike.