2014 Reviews

Reviews and Testimonials from Our Clients – 2014

Here are some of the emails that we received from clients in 2014.  They are very happy with our photo retouching and repair of damaged old photographs, and you will be too!

DISCLAIMER: These testimonials are generally representative of what our clients write, although many or most clients don’t comment either positively or negatively. Just a handful of clients have sent complaints. We did not provide any discounts, freebies or other incentives to the people who sent the praise shown below, and we do not request testimonials from our clients…but we are happy to receive them!

  • From a client who sent an old color photograph of his sweetheart: I appreciate the way you’ve worked with me on this…I just printed out the picture and it looks great.  I am totally satisfied.  Please send me a bill….Thanks again for the service your company has provided.  I was thrilled that you responded back to me on Thanksgiving morning.
  • From a client who sent two black-and-white photographs. We combined elements of each: Wow, this looks great. It is far beyond my expectations. Please send me the bill to take care of right away.
  • From a Texas client: Thank you for the great job and the quick turnaround. We will certainly use you for any other restorations we want done.
  • From a client whose email included a beautiful photograph of a mother and newborn baby: I have worked with you in the past and have always been pleased with the results.
  • From a client who uses our images in his business: I really needed this one quick and you came through.
  • From a professional performer who needed a new headshot: PERFECTO, MAESTRO! I LOVE what you did and I am VERY VERY happy with it.
  • From one of our favorite clients: [the photograph] is beautiful, be proud of your work, cause  I’am very happy with it.  The quality is off the charts.  On a scale of 1 to 10,  093 is a    +10.
  • From a client who sent a severely damaged photograph. With no other photos to work from, we had to create much of his grandfather’s face, but the client decided it did not look the way he remembered. As per our guarantee, that was OK and he did not owe anything: Thanks for the quick turn around and the great work. I know that the photo had some severe holes.
  • From a client who sent several overlapping scans of a large painting. We re-assembled them, jigsaw style, and fixed several damage areas: Looks good Miles , thanks for your efforts. Can you recommend a company to do the canvas print for me ? [We did not have a particular printing company to suggest, other than to do a Google search of the various Groupon deals.]
  • From a client who sent a severely faded color photograph: It is beautiful. I have to have it.  The man on the left is my Father and the woman is my Grandma.  They are both deceased. I didn’t even realize she was in the photo it was so sun damaged.
  • From a genealogist creating a family history book: The price is fine!!
  • From a different genealogist: You did an excellent job on the photo.
  • And from still another genealogist: I am very pleased with the [price] estimate to restore my tin-type. [Later] Dear Mr. Abernathy, I am astonished that you can accomplish so much so quickly.
  • From a repeat client: Miles, Proofs are great! Send me the invoice. What other services do you offer other than retouch and restoration? [The answer is that we’ll try almost anything related to photography, photographs or graphic design.]
  • From a first-time client: I just posted a nice note about your service on FB (along with your website).  Tried to do a screen shot but it would not work.  Hopefully it will help you generate some business. I’ll also give you a very positive review on Angie’s List. [a great big thank-you to this client!]
  • From a genealogy client who sent a badly faded and moldy photograph for restoration: Frankly, better than I expected. Please send invoice. Also, please send .tif and .jpg.
  • We retouch a family portrait for this client every year, for use on their photo Christmas cards: Thx so much!!!
  • From a first-time photo restoration client: ( Thank you very very much for the prompt response ( you guys are amazing ) ) [later she wrote] This is perfect. Thank you so much Miles.
  • From a professional photographer who sends a lot of portraits for touch-ups: I think these shots look great!  I forwarded to the clients.
  • From a professional photographer whose assignment was to create family photograph. One member, a 2-year-old boy, wasn’t being cooperative. We Photoshopped(R) him into a pleasing family portrait: My clients will be thrilled!!!!
  • From a returning client: Hello again, I’m so happy with your work that I’m sending you this picture, I already know how it works so go ahead and when ready send me the proof and the invoice right after.
  • From a client who sent a faded photograph of a relative in uniform. She plans to give copies to her children: This is great!  I can’t believe you could do this from the damaged photo I sent to you.  Please send me the bill so that I can make payment.  Thank you, thank you, thank you….Thank you again.  I am thrilled to have this picture restored and you did an outstanding job!
  • From a restoration client: breathe taking…  Absolutely stunning….Everything about it, I love it…. the coloring for sure, leaving it up to you….. done well….
    Thanks so much….
  • From a client on the East Coast of the United States: Perfect!  Thanks 🙂
  • From a client needing product photos for a new business: That is seriously kick-ass. You guys are the best. We are probably going to be doing a dozen or so similar in the next month or so, so stay tuned for more business. Please invoice, I will pay this evening.
  • From a California photo restoration client with some family photographs: Love it.   That’s exactly what I was looking for.  Miles, I really like what you have done with [the young girl’s] gown and cape… The color of the cape in spot on….  I realize it MAY look a little dull, although that was the color of the cape.  Keep in mind, that was back in 1952… [The girl], 72 years old and today lives in Arizona with her husband.  Thanks again,   more coming your way
  • From a client: I have had work done years ago on some of these pictures,  although [you] have done more of a natural and professional job.
  • From a professional photographer: That picture looked great, thank you!
  • From an entrepreneurial client: Perfect! Please invoice.
  • From a client with a family photograph needing a head transplant: U r really amazing, Miles. It is perfect with a capital P. Thank you 🙂
  • From a client who has sent other family photos for restoration: The photograph looks much, much better than the original. Your magic genie did it again.
  • From a mom who sent a graduation picture that had a mix of normal and garish yellow skin tones: This is perfect! Thanks!
  • From a client who sent a b/w photo of her parents for restoration: I love it!!!
  • From a professional photographer with a demanding subject: You are the MAN, THANK YOU!!! I will fwd this to my client and await their response. Thanks again for the quick turnaround!!!
  • From a non-profit organization: I looked at a lot of company’s on the Internet and I liked the reviews of your company! Thank you so much for the time you have already invested in this project. [Later] Thank you very much, you have been so easy to work with!!
  • From a professional photog who loves to take photos but doesn’t care so much for post-processing them: BTW, the client loves the shot.
  • From a client who sent an old aerial photograph that had been torn, then fixed with Scotch tape which bled brown gum: It looks great. Thanks.
  • From a client on the East Coast of North America: Thank you so much! I will definitely spread the word on what a wonderful job you did for me! I love your work!
  • From a new client: Thank you Miles, how beautiful THANK YOU.
  • From another new client: I appreciate quick reply from your side and your enthusiasm to work.
  • From a novelist / historian: Miles, I most definitely love it. Everything about it. “Everything” lol….I’m so excited about it… Thank you so much…you did it.
  • From a professional photographer who needed a distraction removed from the background of an otherwise-excellent photograph: Thanks for fixing that so fast! Love it- please send me the bill!
  • From another professional photographer, who uses our post-processing services for his more challenging portraits: Thanks Miles for the quick turnaround. I will fwd and see how she likes it. [Later] She absolutely loves what you did! Just wonderful.

Try us, and let us show you how we can improve your photographs! Your satisfaction is guaranteed…if you don’t love the result, we won’t send you a bill and you don’t owe anything!

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