Retouched Photo of a Beautiful LadyWelcome to 399Retouch, the best place to have your photographs retouched / restored / edited / airbrushed / Photoshopped® to make them, and you, look wonderful.

Here is all you have to do:

  1. Decide what should be done to the photograph, or let us suggest.
  2. Email it to miles@399retouch.com for a price quote.

Miles will evaluate the photograph, suggest ways it could be improved and email you our price to retouch the photo with an estimated delivery time. This will be a firm bottom-line price — no registration or other fees, no taxes, no extra charges, no purchasing “points”, no tricks. There is no shipping charge since we will email the restored digital image back to you.

If you agree to the price, we will begin retouching / editing your photograph. When it’s done we will add a “Proof” watermark to the completed image and send it full-size back to you for your approval.

Do not pay in advance. We do not accept payment until you have seen and approved your completed photograph.

At that point:

  • If we’ve missed something, tell us and we’ll fix it, then send you a revised proof for your inspection.
  • If the retouched photograph meets or exceeds your expectations (it almost always does), we’ll email you a bill for the exact amount you agreed upon beforehand…not a penny more. When you’ve paid the bill (by credit card, debit card or Paypal), we will email your completed photograph (without the “Proof”) to you and you can have it printed at home or at a local store (Walgreen, Target, Walmart, etc.). Unlike some companies, we do not claim to own a copyright to your restored photo.
  • And what if you don’t like the “Proof” version? No problem, no hassle, you don’t owe us a cent!

That’s how it works at 399Retouch. We have retouched thousands of photographs for individuals and professional photographers. Much of our business is from repeat clients and from their friends and associates.

We retouch / airbrush vacation photos, corporate portraits, dating-site photos, Christmas-card photos, family pictures, all kinds of family-friendly photos.

If you are looking to improve your photo for a dating site like Tinder, ask about our Tinder-ize treatment. You will still look like you, no big changes or fakery, just a little better…a little younger, a little slimmer, a little more open, more fun to be with, the “right” choice. Try it!

399Retouch-logo-circle-hi-resWe improve selfies. If there is a distraction in the background of your selfie, we will remove it.

Note: We are a family-friendly company and do not accept nudes or porn.

We would like the opportunity to add you as a client, so please email a photograph now to miles@399retouch.com for a quick, no hassle price quote. Thank you.

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