2017 Reviews

2017 Reviews and Testimonials from Our Clients

Here are some of the emails that we have received from clients in 2017.  They are very happy with our photo retouching and repair of damaged old photographs, and you will be too!

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are generally representative of what our clients write, although many or most clients don’t comment either positively or negatively. Just a very few clients have sent complaints. We do not provide any discounts, freebies or other incentives in exchange for favorable reviews, and we do not request testimonials from our clients…but we are happy to receive them!

  • From a new photo-restoration client: wow – were you able to pull out that detail?.  Thanks so much.
  • From a client, after we inserted a missing person into a group photo: Wow…I guess it can be done….keep working your magic.
  • From a client: I really enjoy the picture.  It is the only one in my library having all the children with their father.
  • From a first-time client who had a large portrait of a relative. The photograph had been varnished sometime in the past, and the varnish had darkened and crazed so the photograph was very degraded: Wow! Wow! I love it can’t wait till my mom see’s it!!!!
  • From a “client” whose praise I especially value: Perfect!! Thanks, dad!
  • From a Texas client who sent a photograph of his father for restoration: I love it. You did great work.
  • From a European client: I cannot fault that. I’m totally happy.
  • From a Texas client who sent a very faded baby photo for restoration: Hi Miles – The proof looks great!
  • From a business owner in the Midwest: Perfect!
  • From a photo-restoration client: Beautiful work…very happy…Done
  • From a different photo-restoration client: The beautiful work you and your staff do is priceless to me.
  • From a repeat client: Great work…thumbs up…very satisfied
  • From a new client: Excellent! Drop me the bill and I’ll get you paid post-haste.
  • From a university professor: I was dumbfounded by the quality you managed to bring out.
  • From a client living in a small Texas town: Thank you for fixing the photos they look great
  • From a B2B client: Looks awesome!!!! Please invoice!
  • From an American client who needed a portrait-quality photograph for social media and business cards, in a hurry: Thank you, Miles! This was fast and very good service.

Try us, and let us show you how we can improve your photographs! Your satisfaction is guaranteed…if you don’t love the result, we won’t send you a bill and you don’t owe anything!

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