2018 Reviews

 2018 Reviews and Testimonials from Our Clients

Here are some of the emails that we have received from clients in 2018.  They are very happy with our photo restoration, retouching, and repair of damaged old photographs, and you will be too!

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are generally representative of what our clients write, although many or most clients don’t comment either positively or negatively. Just a very few clients have sent complaints. We do not provide any discounts, freebies or other incentives in exchange for favorable reviews, and we do not request testimonials from our clients…but we are happy to receive them!

These reviews and comments are the real deal.

  • From a California client: Nice!
  • From a client who sent an extremely faded photograph: For a 100 year old picture you did some pretty amazing stuff.
  • Please e-mail an invoice and we’re good to go.
  • From a Central Texas photo-restoration client who sent a photograph of an older married couple: Looks great! Thanks.
  • From a European client: That looks just spot on.
  • From a new client: Yes, the proof looks great!
  • From a new client who sent a damaged photograph of her great-grandparents for restoration: love it … thanks, Miles.
  • From a client who sent an old photograph of her and her sweetheart for restoration: The picture looks better then I expected, thank you! I am ready for the bill, I do have paypal…Thank you for your awesome and quick work!
  • From a returning client: Great Job.
  • From a photo-restoration client: Fine work there…Compliments on the craftsmanship of your expert here. [We have a small team of experts at 399Retouch who have been with us for 10+ years.]
  • From a client who sent a sweet, but damaged, photograph of grandfather and grandchild together: Thank you for the great work and service. I feel confident in recommending you.
  • From a great client: It looks great. In fact, the mother of the boy was extremely pleased, as well. If mom is pleased, then it’s gotta be good.
  • From a nearby Texas client: Miles, thank you so much!! It is wonderful. As soon as you send me a bill, I’ll Paypal you! Yippee!!
  • From a client who sent an old wedding photograph: Miles, I like the photo. Please send the invoice.
  • From a client who sent a color photo that had some color distortions: We picked up the photo from Walgreens after ordering online. It looks WONderful. You’ve erased twenty years from a cherished photo. Many thanks!
  • From a long-time Scandinavian client: That last photo was the last one for now. I do know, however, that there are more photos that need your attention in my family. I need to get hold of these first, and I cannot say exactly when this will happen. What I can say, though, with 100% certainty, is that 399Retouch will be the recipient, and the firm that will do this work. The quality, and service, that you have delivered has been of the highest order.
  • From a client who had a large image to assemble and restore: I had the photo mounted in an acrylic display that enjoys a prominent position on my desk!

Try us, and let us show you how we can improve your photographs! Your satisfaction is guaranteed…if you don’t love the result, we won’t send you a bill and you don’t owe anything!

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