2020 Reviews

2020 Reviews and Testimonials from Our Clients

Here are some of the emails that we received from clients in 2020.  They are very happy with our photo restoration, retouching, and repair of damaged old photographs, and you will be too!

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are generally representative of what our clients write, although most clients don’t comment either positively or negatively. Just a very few clients have sent complaints. We do not provide any discounts, freebies or other incentives in exchange for favorable reviews, and we do not request testimonials from our clients…but we are happy to receive them!

These reviews and comments are the real deal.

  • From a first-time client: Thank you – that really was fast! Fabulous!
  • From a client in San Antonio, Texas: OMG! It’s beautiful!
    from a new client who sent a faded photograph from his childhood:Looks great , thank you very much .
  • From a client in Austin: Wow! That looks amazing! Thank you so much!…Thank you Miles! I will gladly refer and use you for any future photography needs!
  • From a Georgia photo-restoration client: Thanks, Miles. I appreciate your services very much.
  • From a U.S. West Coast client: Amazing Miles! I swear you guys do magic. Thanks for bringing my grandparents and dad back from oblivion.
  • From an Eastern United States client who was referred to us: This is absolutely amazing!! I look forward to receiving your bill! I see why Michelle recommended you so highly!
  • From a client in Singapore: OMG! That is amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much.
  • From a client who sent several football-related photographs: You did a great job! And we would like to get the other photos done
  • From an African-American client: Thank you Miles. I love them both. I will be sending the other pic soon.
  • From a European client: That looks great to me. I’m ready to pay.
  • From an East Coast (USA) client: Done!! Can’t thank you enough Miles! U r amazing and got that done so fast. Really appreciate it.
  • From an enthusiastic client: We love it!!! We want to pay you $100.00. How do you want us to send it? [We asked her to pay only the agreed-upon amount, but she was very insistent that the restored photograph was worth it to her.]
  • From a client who had us restore several photographs that had been scribbled on by a child: Hello Miles, These are lovely – you have an artist’s touch for certain. Thank you so much! [We have some very talented staff members who make the magic happen.]
  • From a sophisticated client who needed a person removed from a photograph with a very complex background. At first, and second and third, glance it looked impossible, but we and the client together figured out a way: You’re an absolute Magician! Photo looks great.
  • From a client who sent a damaged photograph of her mother for restoration: AWESOME!  I love it!  Thank you so much for understand how I felt.  I realize it was a lot to ask, but I had to do it!!  I appreciate you!
  • From a young man in New England who sent a headshot for some touch-ups: Perfect, you can send along the invoice.
  • From a new client: Wow!!   This is perfect!  Thank you so much.  Again, many thanks for your wonderful work.  This is a photo of my mother who is now 87 years old and was always her favorite photo of herself.
  • From a client who sent the only existing photograph of herself as a young girl. The photograph was very deteriorated (creases, torn and tape), and we were able to restore it to relatively good condition: I Love it!!! Thank you so much. Please send me the bill. Job well done!! It brought tears to my eyes.
  • From a professional photographer who sent several of his clients’ photographs for restoration: Looks good. Thanks for the extra effort. Big improvement over the scratched and tiny 2-3″ tall tintype.
  • From a client with financial issues related to the corona virus pandemic: Thank you for your patience. I will recommend your business to others. Take care.
  • From a new client who sent three black-and-white photos for restoration: Looks wonderful Miles, thank you. Please send the payment link.
  • From a returning client who is working on her family history: I am very pleased it will work just fine.  You managed to get the lady out and put a nice sky and get rid of the building. It’s perfect for what I need.
  • From a returning client who sent a photograph of his elderly mom. He plans to present it to her on her upcoming birthday: Miles, EXCELLENT! Send the invoice.
  • From a client who sent two automotive-themed photos for restoration: Wonderful!!
  • From a first-time client who sent an old snapshot of her husband and child. Someone had applied blue (ink?) marks to some areas of the photograph, which we removed: That’s wonderful!! Great job! We love it!
  • From a photo restoration client who sent many photos a few years ago, and is now back with more: Spot on….very good and happy with it…Its been awhile since I last used Paypal, lets go for it.
  • From a new client who sent a set of photos of a toddler. The photos had been defaced by a child with a pen or marker: Yes!!!! I want this. Beautiful!!!
  • From a new photo-restoration client: Miles, this looks amazing! I’m utterly impressed with the quality of work and the very quick turnaround time. Yes, please send the bill when you get the chance. Thank you so much!
  • From a new client: This looks wonderful Miles! Thank you. Yes, send me the link!! Thank you so much!
  • From a business professional in Florida: Great job as always!
  • From a client who sent an old photograph of his late father: WOW – WOW – WOW. I’m so pleased with this one. Excellent job. Can’t stop looking at my Dad
  • From a first-time client: I am not happy with the results. [This is uncommon, but sometimes we just cannot get a restoration to look the way it should. We appreciated her straightforward honesty, and of course there was no charge.]
  • From a minister: This is BEAUTIFUL! I am happy to pay for it! Thank you for such an amazing job. My family is very appreciative of the quality of your work! It will be my pleasure to recommend you in the future!
  • From a repeat client who sent a photo of a socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinner for some touchups: As usual, you are a magician. Looks great!
  • From an Austin, Texas client: Hi Miles this is absolutely perfect. Can I have both versions? We can’t decide which to print. Thanks a million! [Yes, clients can have all the versions we’ve created on the way to a perfect photo]
  • From a new photo restoration client who didn’t know if we had emailed her the proof version of her completed photograph: I found [the proof version] in my Spam folder and we approve the work. Great job!!
  • From a new Texas client: You did a wonderful job! I love it and I’m sure my mom is going to love it. She hasn’t seen that picture in 30 years at least.


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